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Data Management and Governance
Are you a small Business or a large enterprise? 
we cater to your every need while assisting you overcome regulatory and organizational challenges and help you take on your enablers.

Grass Root Organizational
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Our Expertise

We boast a team that has it's roots back to the nascent stages of the Data management and Governance industry, while being a part of evolution. The Data Association group has an active role in traversing the maturity levels of the clintelle and Industry through consulting, thought leadership and our innovative solutions and capabilities.​​
There are many organizations that stand testimonials to our success. We are happy to share our success with you. 

Our broad range of skills will assist you move forward in the regulatory environment while focusing on growth drivers. If you are looking to embark on Data Governance, Data Management, Architecture, Modeling, Data Quality, Metadata and any data related aspects, we will ensure your success. You will find more details on the latest testiomonials, trends, challenges and levers in the industry in the Resources and Blog sections 

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We have helped Fortune 500 organizations realize their regulatory and strategic goals through Data Management and Governance offerings. We have enabled sustainability in chief data offices of global financial institutions with consulting and operational excellence.