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  1. 13
    Data Governance in the era of Artificial Intelligence
    12:00 pm edt
    Clean Data is a crucial need to get an outcome from Machine Learning capabilities. Scale and diversity in data is also another important aspect. evertheless, Financial services Industry participants are making large-scale investments in Artificial Intelligence. However, Regulators are eyeing substantial uncertainties that need to be regulated through guidance in the form of policy, in the use of AI in the banking and financial institutions. Collaborative solutions built on shared data-sets will radically increase the accuracy, timeliness and performance of non-competitive functions. But is there Governance, Guidance and Oversight over the collaboration of data? Organizations would also want to monetize their data as it is proprietary data while AI would necessitate that this data must be shared with competitors to reach minimum requirements of efficiency. Monetizing and data sharing need to be addressed with great efficiency in direction and Guidance.