ABOUT  Dattamza

We have a team that has it's roots back to the nascent stages of the Data management and Governance industry, while being a part of evolution.

Dattamza group has an active role in traversing the maturity levels of the clintelle and Industry through consulting, thought leadership and our innovative solutions and capabilities.

Our broad range of skills will assist you move forward in the regulatory environment while focusing on growth drivers. 

About Dattamza
Our broad range of skills will assist you to move forward in the regulatory environment while focusing on growth drivers.

If you are looking to embark on Data Governance, Data Management, Architecture, Modeling, Data Quality, Metadata and any data related aspects, we will ensure your success. 

If you would want to leverage analytics, machine learning to your benefit, do connect with us to start dialogue.

You will find more details on the latest testimonials, trends, challenges, and levers in the industry in the Resources and Blog ​sections
About the Team

Director of Operations & Products

Director of Consulting & Sales

Tejasvi Addagada (Tej) leads the Operations of Dattamza, as well as its product division. With 12 years of success in assisting fortune 100 banks to build and optimize data management and governance solutions.​​

Tej provides wide range of services including data strategy analysis, risk management, service rationalization, digital transformation and process excellence. As data practitioner, in Financial services, Tej brings expertise and standardization to the clientele. Tej is on the Board of Directors for IQ International, is well connected with the Industry bodies
Devesh Ginodia, serves as a financial and healthcare industry management consultant having experience advising top Fortune 50 financial institutions across capital, investment, retail and wholesale lines of business.

Devesh has a strong track record of delivering exceptional value in business and technology strategy, operations improvement, time-to-market and resource optimization. He has deep knowledge and thought leadership in core platform transformation, enterprise data management & governance, managed services, digital and customer experience.

Director of Relations & Knowledge

Director of Finance & Accounting

Mark McQueen has 15+ years business process optimization and data management. He has 20+ years Fortune 25 financial service operations and 10+ years small business strategy, marketing, and knowledge management and International project assignment experience.

 Mark serves as the best practice and process management expert. He joined the Council in 2016 and now leads the Best Practice Program to develop Data Management industry standard processes for executing the DCAM™ Capability Framework.
Hemant Mishra has 15 years of expertise in investment Banking and has assisted multiple clientele to realize their Financial Goals. Considered an Investment Guru­, he now rationalizes investment ideas.

Hemanth also mentors startups in his free time.
Hemant is an integral part of the startup ecosystem in hand holding them for improving their efficiency in
Business planning, financial modelling and business development.

Director of Marketing

Anvitha Mikkilineni is a marketing expert with a tailored focus to needs of the industry. Having worked with multiple small and large scale customer, Anvitha now brings her experience to Dattamza.

A content manager, proficient in Finance and Telecom Industry very specific to data based solutions