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Data Risk Management

Data Risk Management
 Data Governance is already a new normal in most enterprises as is demanded by regulations like BCBS 239, GDPR, EU No 1024/2013, EMIR, MiFID2, etc. The regulatory landscape is fast changing with much legislation like MIFID II providing future guidance on controlling risks associated with sub optimal Data Quality.

Regulation and compliance are major drivers for enterprises to adopt risk management in Data Governance. The other leading driver is the need to prioritize and manage data associated with high regulatory, financial or operational risks. These multiple drivers necessitate the blend of data management, risk management, and Data Governance principles

Is risk management an integral component of your Data Governance division? Or does your risk governance take into account data management principles? How do these work in tandem?
Have you considered addressing gaps and overlaps between risk and data functions of governance?
  1. Compliance with GDPR
    The General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) is finally here. The regulation promises data privacy to individuals and provides guidance to organisations, on managing and governing Personally Identifiable Information.
  2. Data Risk Management Services
    There is a definite value associated with leveraging the right data for business. There is also risk related to data and its operations. Assessing and managing risk linked with data often take a back stage in an enterprise risk management strategy.
  3. Compliance with general Regulations
    Is your Organization looking forward to comply with regulatory requirements or is a step ahead to embrace regulatory preparedness.
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